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Want to build the future of real estate?

Zefir’s mission is to empower everyone to move forward. We believe the traditional real estate process is broken, and our goal is simple: build a digital, end-to-end customer experience that makes buying and selling a home simple, certain, and fast.
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The design principles of our compensation model

At Zefir, we want to pay our team members through a model that reflects our beliefs that compensation should be:



We want a compensation structure that we could be proud of, which can be made public and allow us to have full transparent salaries internally.



We try to pay in the high end of the market to attract top talent.



We built a system that is easy to navigate & allows us to quickly make offers to candidates.



We imagined a clear & motivating career path for both managers and individual contributors alike.

our secret sauce

1. A formula rather than a salary grid

Transparency means being able to make our compensation model public, both internally and externally. At Zefir, we have opted for a calculation formula that allows for modularity, clarity and upgradability over time.

2. Five elements to the formula

The formula is based on five elements. The weight corresponds to their importance in our eyes.

1.  The level of impact: scope of the role, level of autonomy in the field, level of technical mastery - High weight 
2.  The market benchmark of the job family - High weight
3.  Years spent at Zefir - Average weight
4.  Years of relevant external experience at hire date - Low weight
5.  Cost of living - Low weight

3. Equity is not optional

At Zefir, everyone is offered stock options, regardless of their position or experience level, because everyone contributes to building a long-term project. The formula is straightforward: depending on the role, we allocate an equity amount corresponding to a percentage of the person's salary. Equity percentages are, like salaries, based on market comparables.
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